We're headed to Utah!

Photos by Briana Lindsey Photography

We're headed to Utah this afternoon for some Winter fun at Stein Eriksen Lodge and I cannot WAIT. I've seriously been stalking their Instagram stories for weeks now to ensure they've still got snow and just yesterday, they posted a video of it snowing like crazy! Well, like a pretty kind of crazy, a winter wonderland crazy...really all I care about is that it's actually snowing because Ava's never seen it actually snow!

As you all know, we went to Tahoe in January and Ava was not a fan of the snow. Either that or she's just a SoCal girl who doesn't like being cold but either way, I'm hoping and praying that she changes her mind. I'm fairly positive that as soon as she gets to play with those sled dogs, she will instantly turn into a snow bunny but we shall see!

Fun things to do in Utah with kids -- Mommy Blog - The Overwhelmed Mommy
Fun things to do in Utah with kids -- Mommy Blog - The Overwhelmed Mommy

You'd better bet I will be making a "fun things to do in Utah with kids" vlog so if any of you want to plan a fun trip to Utah with the family, we will have tested out the waters for you. But I'm guessing, it will be all smiles and positive reviews over here so stay tuned!

Are there any fun kid-friendly things to do in Salt Lake City or Park City? We've got a couple of fun things planned but have some down time we need to fill too! Any suggestions are much appreciated :)

Since we never use snow gear, I didn't want to spend a fortune on it so here are some of the cute winter kids clothes (and some of the items I bought for me too) in case you need to find some good winter deals.

If you see anything you love (or just want), click on the image and it will take you right to where you can buy it!
Pssst -- Most of it is from Amazon!