10 Ways We Use Our DockATot

I get this question all the time:

"So I can tell that you love your DockATot but is that DockATot worth the money?"


"Why does the Dockatot work anyways?"

You see, that's a pretty loaded question because of course, there are a whole lot of factors that go into it -- how well your baby sleeps, what you're planning on using it for, etc. But to answer your question, yes, it's worth it.

First of all, the Dockatot works because it mimics the coziness of a parent snuggling around the child. Ever wonder why your child sleeps just fine next to you, in your cove, or in your arms? It's a comfort thing and that's exactly how the Dockatot works. Those cushions on the sides give the baby comfort and support, the feeling of a parent snuggling right up next to them. And voila! Your baby sleeps better at night and during nap time!

If you aren't sold and aren't too sure it's necessary because your child sleeps through the night anyways, I'll bet you I can find a great use for the DockATot in addition to sleep. So here are 10 ways we use our DockATot:

- Co-sleeping safely
- Worry relief for parents because it's breathable!
- A dog bed (Baxter sure does get a lot of use out of ours!)
- For camping or hotel rooms + travel (I don't know about you but the cribs hotels provide kind of gross me out)
- A make-believe boat or car (because imaginations help kids have fun)
- Movie night comfort for the parents (we have all hard wood floor so this is huge!)
- Nap time when we're eating dinner outside (we bring the DockATot outside with us and Ava sleeps right there next to the table)
- Sleeping better + sleeping longer
- Nap time in bed with mama (I don't have to worry about her rolling off)
- A nice comfy back rest for daddy to work on his laptop in bed

I think you get the picture ;)

Whether you're using the DockATot to help your kids sleep or nap or even just sleep longer, there are plenty of other uses too. We don't go a day without using ours!

Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?
Is a DockATot worth the money?

10 Products Every Mom Needs This Summer

This post contains affiliate links.

Summer is finally here and the fun summer kids activities are in full swing! Whether you're beach bums like us, love going on picnics or even heading to the zoo, we've put together a list of our favorite summer items for moms that we think everyone needs:

1. A Gathre Mat

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we're pretty obsessed with our Gathre mat. Whether you're headed out to the beach, eating popsicles in the backyard or just hanging out in the grass, this mat is a mom product must. Get this -- it wipes clean with water! No more doing loads and loads of laundry every day. You wipe it or shake it off and you're set for your next outing!

Gathre Mat - Summer Must Have Products for Moms

2. Falsa Blankets

We love our colorful falsa blankets because they're just so gorgeous. We take ours with us for beach trips, use it to snuggle up in bed or even take it with us on walks in the stroller at night when it's a little chillier out. Not gonna lie -- They all look pretty gorgeous in photos and I may need to add another to our stash!

Colorful Falsa Blanket - Summer Must Have Products For Moms

3. The Half Tent

We got our beach half tent about a year ago and boy has it gotten a lot of use. We bring it with us to the beach every single time we go and it pops up and down in seconds...which is definitely a must when you've got kids in the mix! And hello shade! That's where you'll find me!

4. The Beachmate Beach Bag

This all-in-one mom beach bag is seriously a mom's dream! You know when you head to the beach and you need about 12 more hands to carry everything you're bringing? Well this makes it nice and easy and everything you need is in one single bag -- a cooler, lots of pockets, velcro straps for your towels or tent or umbrella, beach shovels and beach buckets. Yep, it's all in one compact bag and it's saved my life (or my arms, that is).

Beachmate System - All In One Beach Bag - Summer Must Have Products for Moms

5. Car Seat Sun Shades

One of my friends told me about this car seat sun shade  just this week because I was talking about how Ava's carseat gets so hot! I turn on the car, blast the air conditioning, wait a little while and still, I feel so terrible putting her in that seat. So I cannot WAIT to try it out and make Ava's car rides this summer that much more enjoyable.

6. Native Shoes

Ava got her first pair of Native shoes and they are a must for your littles. I literally couldn't find Ava water shoes anywhere that would fit (she's got tiny feet) and I fell in love with them the first time she wore them. They're super lightweight, they don't slip at the splash pad and the toes are covered so I never have to worry about her little toes getting scuffed up as she's running around this summer.

7. Ju-Ju-Be Fuel Cells

Whether you're just going on a quick grocery shopping trip or you're heading for a day out in the sun, these mini coolers from Ju-Ju-Be are the perfect way to keep your kids' lunch, snacks, water or even baby's milk nice and cool. Grab one for each of them and it makes the perfect lunch box for during the school year too!

8. Matching Mommy + Me Swim Suits

Okay so I totally haven't even gotten to this yet but it's definitely on my to do list. I NEED a matching mommy and me suit and I am totally going to shop Kortni Jeane when I do. They're got the most darling mix and match swimsuits for moms and kids (and the whole family, for that matter) and I cannot wait to head out to the beach in style with Ava. Seriously, they're darling.

9. Lifeproof Phone Case

You know it's kind of funny, I made this list about a week ago and little did I know, this past weekend my husband's Lifeproof phone case failed on him taking that photo on the right inside the pool. (Yayy for new phones!) But we have taken ours snorkeling on vacation before so they're highly recommended. Just don't forget to test it out first!

They're great for taking your phone to the beach and not worrying about the sand getting into them, water splashing on your phone while you're capturing adorable memories and, of course, the big drops that tend to happen when you're having way too much fun.

Lifeproof Phone Case - Beachmate System - Summer Must Have Products for Moms

10. Mom Hats + Kids Hats

Don't forget to add some adorable mam bear trucker hats and kids trucker hats to your list! Fashion + sun protection? Yes please! I LOVE my Mama Bear hat the most and love Ava's trucker hats from George Hats.

Mama Bear Hat + Baby Trucker Hats - Beachmate System - Summer Must Have Products for Moms

4 Things Every New Mom Needs to Hear

Just in the last month we've had three babies born in our circle of friends and we've still got one more on the way. (Baby fever, much?) And with new babies comes a lot of "help wanted."

But there's this thing that us new moms like to do. Well, moms in general, for that matter. We love to feel like we can do it all. We love to feel like super heroes. I don't see anything wrong with that and in fact, I find it pretty amazing when a mom can actually realize how great she is at juggling everything she has going on in life.

With that being said, there are four things I think every new mom needs to be reminded of:

1. You're a super hero. You're amazing. Don't ever think otherwise.

You're going to have sudden lapses in judgement and you're going to think to yourself, "Why can't I just be good at this mom thing!" We all go through the highs and the lows and the very in-betweens but we've got to realize that that's just life. That's all part of this mommyhood thing we signed up for.

But in those moments of panic just remind yourself - I'm amazing. I'm incredible. I'm wonderful at being a mom + I'm the perfect mom for my kids. You grew a human and you're raising a human and that, in itself, makes you incredible.

Moms: You're wonderful and amazing and don't ever forget that.

4 Things Every New Mom Needs to Hear

2. Accept help.

I don't know about you but it truly warms my heart to be able to give help to new moms. Whether that's bringing over dinner or running errands or grocery shopping or even watching your baby while you take a much-needed power nap, helping others is something that makes me happy. It fills my heart with joy to be able to provide something to someone that may not necessarily NEED the help, but to provide it to someone who DESERVES it.

You deserve it. Just accept the help. It doesn't mean that you can't do it on your own but why not give yourself a little break and let your friends treat you?

3. Ask for help.

It's the hardest thing in the world to do but man, there are so many people out there who will be there for you in an instant. I mean, who wouldn't want to come over and hold your adorable newborn baby for you? So instead of letting yourself get to the point of utter exhaustion or overwhelming frustration, just ask for help.

I promise, no one will ever think less of you.

4. It's just a phase.

Repeat after me: It's just a phase.

I can't even count how many times I've thought to myself, "Is Ava going to do this forever?" I've even posted countless times on social media about some of the phases Ava has encountered, feeling down and feeling as though we would be trapped in them forever. From separation anxiety to not eating solids to being attached to my boob (quite literally) and never wanting to let it go, to sleep regressions, anti-napping sprees, teething and more...they're all phases and they will go away in time.

So if you're feeling doomed and just cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, just remember: It's just a phase.

4 Things Every New Mom Needs to Hear

Photography by Briana Lindsey Photography