Hey everyone!

My name is Jenn and I am the mommy blogger behind The Overwhelmed Mommy and The Overwhelmed Bride! I am a wife and a mommy to Baxter (our Boxer pup) and Ava Sue (our beautiful baby girl born in March 2016). As a wedding coordinator for the past 8 years and wedding blogger for almost three years now, I can definitely say that I was not an overwhelmed bride but I am most definitely an overwhelmed mommy. With all of the "must-have's" and "can't do's" out there and mixed messages right and left, it's hard to navigate mommyhood and feel as though I am doing the best I can. Although I know that I am at the bottom of my heart.

So follow my first season of mommyhood and one day (in the far far future), there will be a second. I am just a mommy taking mommyhood one step at a time and learning from my experiences. And hopefully my failures and successes can, in some way, help you through your journey too! I know that life as a mom is going to come with all kinds of unexpected twists and turns, but I just hope that by expressing my hopes, dreams, fears, trials, failures and triumphs, we can all feel not so alone as we live through this amazing journey.

Comment, tell your story, your opinions, what worked for you and what didn't and let's start a community of rock star mommies! Because there are some times in life when Google just isn't enough - we need each other :)


With love,

   Jenn Hallak +  Beautiful Little Family (Frank, Ava + Baxter)