What does the fox say?

Last month we did a fun little shoot with Ava and Oliver dressed in baby bear costumes at the pumpkin patch. Click here if you didn't see it -- Believe me, you want to. I promise promise promise.

And those baby bears at the pumpkin patch were so stinkin' adorable that we decided to dress them up again, just for fun, but this time I present to you...

the two most adorable baby foxes you ever did see.

Briana and I were looking for baby fox beanies and we literally couldn't find them anywhere in stock. So Briana's mom was so incredibly sweet and made them matching little baby fox hats that are cuter than cute. Seriously. The most adorable little fox hats ever.

So what does the fox say?

I'm not sure -- I'm too busy getting all googly eyed over the most adorable little babies on this Earth. Yep, I said it and it's totally true.


Photos by Briana Lindsey Photography