9 Items at home that are full of Germs

This post has been sponsored by Clorox®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

We all know that when we bring our babies into the outside world, we expose them to lots of germs -- the handle on the shopping cart that kids love to touch (and sometimes bite), the high chair when you go out to eat, the table in front of them at any restaurant, door handles, and the list goes on. But that’s all stuff we know about and for many of us, we think about it every time we leave the home...especially with young babies in tow.

But did you know that there are so many items right there inside your home that have just as many germs as those items outside of the home?

9 Items in your home that are full of germs -- The Overwhelmed Mommy - Mommy Blogger

I’m the mom who has always deep cleaned with baby wipes. But have you ever actually read the ingredients in baby wipes? I don’t know about yours but the ones we use for Ava are basically water.

Just water.

Water doesn’t kill germs (sorry to burst your bubble).

So to all of those moms out there deep cleaning your home with baby wipes, you’re doing it all wrong and you’re doing nothing to get rid of all of the germs that are hanging around your home. But don’t you worry, I’ve got a way to fix that problem.

9 Items in your home that are full of germs -- The Overwhelmed Mommy - Mommy Blogger

They look just like a pack of baby wipes (WARNING: they are not, still have that germ fighting bleach in them), but they actually kill those unwanted germs lying around your home and all of the germs you encounter while you’re out and about with your little ones. The Clorox easy to pull wipes are the same great wipes you love, just now in an convenient, easy to pull pack.

9 Items in your home that are full of germs -- The Overwhelmed Mommy - Mommy Blogger

I’m sure you’re dying to hear what items in your home are just filled with germs, so you can run on over to Walmart (like ASAP), snag a pack of the easy to pull wipes and get to actual cleaning, like the killing germs kind of cleaning you actually need. So here they are:


9 Items in your home that carry lots of germs:

1. Your Phone (before I heard about this, I NEVER cleaned my phone but if you think about it, it’s filled with nasty bacteria). So give it a good clean with Clorox.

2. The Tablet your kids use (or any technology they use, for that matter).

3. Door Handles (When was the last time you cleaned those?)

4. Sink Handles (You touch it before you wash your hands sooo…just Clorox it)

5. Soap Dispensers (I literally have never cleaned mine until now)

6. Salt + Pepper Shakers, Ketchup Bottles, etc.

7. The Refrigerator Seal

8. The TV remote

9. Your Computer Keyboard

And I could list items for days. So before you think that keeping your baby inside the home will protect them from germs...think again. Do yourself a favor and head to your local Walmart’s cleaning aisle, snag a pack of the NEW Clorox easy to pull wipes and get to wiping. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 but they’ll protect you and your kids from germs like a charm. Perfect size for your car, tote, diaper bag, etc!