30 Toddler Christmas gift ideas we adore!

It took a while for me to get this together because there are just so many things I wanted to include but I narrowed it down to top 30 favorite toddler holiday gift ideas. We own (or have owned) most of the items on this list but some of the gifts are just on a wish list I keep for Ava for future birthdays and holidays and all of that good stuff. So I hope you get some great ideas that are perfect for your kiddos!

If you see anything you love + just gotta have,
just click on the images and/or the button links and they will link you right to where you can buy each item!

Happy Shopping!

1. Wooden Toys

I don’t know what it is about wooden toys but I just love them. Here are some of our faves and that fishing pole? Gahh I need to get that for Ava one of these days!

2. Personalized Kids Lounge Chairs

We don’t own any of these Pottery Barn chairs but Ava does have her own little chair (we got it from Home Goods) that we keep in the living room and it’s her favorite seat in the house! We’ve owned it for years and she uses it daily! But I love personalization so I thought these ones were pretty stinkin’ adorable.

3. ThinkFun Roll + Play Toddler Game

Ava LOVES this game! One of our friends told us about it and we snagged it from Amazon on the spot! It’s an easy and interactive game for toddlers and it’s one way we can play and learn at the same time! And it’s great for the young ones since there don’y seem to be a ton of games out there that young toddlers can play.

4. Wooden Dollhouses

This is the dollhouse Ava has and it’s currently on sale for $118 so snag it before it’s gone! (We payed $200 for it!) We absolutely adore the style and the size but if you want to browse some of our other favorite wooden dollhouses too, just click on that button link below and it’ll take you to a blog post I wrote a while back with a round up of 14 wooden dollhouses that are just so adorable!

And if you want the one Ava owns, just click on the photo below!

5. Ali Jane & Co Purses + Book Bags

We totally adore Ali Jane & Co — the owners, the products, all of it! Ava has two of their kids purses and that darling little book bag is on our list of things I want to snag for Ava one of these days!

6. Lite Brite

Ummm do any of you remember this from when you were little? It was my FAVORITE! The pieces are a little too small for now since we’ve got a baby on the way but as soon as both kids are a little older, I’m totally snagging one of these to re-live my childhood.

7. Kids Minnie Mouse Dress

This Minnie Mouse dress is from one of our favorite shops and it’s probably the most adorable little dress you’ve ever seen. That back is all the heart eyes, too! They’ve got every-day kids clothes too which we love but Ava is currently Minnie Mouse obsessed so this is our go-to dress for Disneyland trips!

8. Custom Baby Dolls

Okay so these little custom dolls are just too cute! You choose the eye color, the hairstyle, the hair color and then they’ve even got adorable little outfits to dress the dolls up too! Ava doesn’t own one of these but we LOVE this company and have purchased doll clothes (and kids clothes) from them many times!

9. Rockin’ Rider Pony

First of all, take the batteries out of this thing, if you know what I mean. That song will never leave your head! But in all honesty, I think this may be the top used gift Ava has ever had. She uses it every single day of her life — you can put it on the rocker or use it with the rollers — and she’s had it for years and that music is still playing strong! It’s super small so great for little ones too (we got it for Ava when she was 9 months old for her first Christmas!).

10. Princess Dress Up Costumes

We went to a fun little play place a couple weeks back and Ava LOVED the dress up section so we snagged these three dresses for her this year for Christmas (shhh don’t tell her!). They are all under $20 and aren’t the best quality but they will totally work for pretend play and are totally worth the price we paid!

Click each of the dresses for direct links!

11. Dress Up Shoes

We also got this darling little dress up shoes and crowns set for Ava this Christmas to go with those dresses up there :)

12. Pretend Makeup

Ava is makeup obsessed so this is another item we’ve got on a future gift list for her! I’ve never ordered from this Etsy shop but they’ve got great reviews so Iinked it for ya below!

13. Kids Scooter

After lots of Instagram polls and suggestions, this was the top recommended scooter you all told me about and it’s available on Amazon! We snagged it for Ava for this Christmas! And better yet — it was like half of the prices of all of the other toddler scooters we found so that’s always a plus!

14. Kids Nativity Set

One of Ava’s aunts got her this darling little kids nativity set for Christmas a couple years back and she loves it! I mean, how darling is this?? I linked the Amazon link below!

15. Kids Play Kitchen

This is another one on our list of things to get for Ava one day because she loves cooking with us and helping in the kitchen! And all of the kitchen options they have are just too darling so click the button link below to browse all of their options!

16. Wooden Camera

Darling. Just darling. Ava had this camera when she was younger and absolutely loved it because of course, she wants to be just like mommy!

17. Kids Digital Camera

And then if your kids are a little older and are grown out of the wooden camera stage, this kids digital camera is perfection! It was recommended to us a while back and we gave it to Ava for her second birthday. And she loves it! It’s got a little digital screen, options for adding graphics to photos, selfie mode and best of all, it seems to be unbreakable and the battery lasts forever!

18. Kids Hunter Rain Boots

We’re rain boot obsessed and Hunter rain boots are our favorite because they’ve got mommy and me options, which you all know I love! If you want to browse lots of kids rain boots (all different brands), then click the button link below or click on the photo to shop Hunter boots for kids+ toddlers!

19. Kids Kitchen Helper

We love this thing!! They’ve got it in all different colors but we own it in white and it’s such a lifesaver in the kitchen! It prevents Ava from fall when she’s standing up at counter height in the kitchen whether she’s helping me make dinner or crafting on the counter! We’ve had it for years and it’s super durable so I linked the exact one we have from Amazon below!

20. Kids Screenless Walkie Talkie Phones

If you didn’t already see my blog post on these, click the button link below to find out all about these! They’re going to change our lives when Ava’s a little older!

21. JuJuBe Kids Purses

If you didn’t already know, we love JuJuBe and Ava’s got at least five of their darling little kids purses. (P.S. They’re machine-washable AND they’ve got mommy and me styles.) It’s a win all around!

Click the link below to browse their current Itty Bittty Be prints!

22. Joovy Balance Bike

Ava hasn’t quite gotten into her balance but but we own the pink one and she’s started to show interest! I’d wait until kids are around 2 1/2 so they can reach the ground on this one but as soon as she gets a little more interest, it’ll be great for learning balance! And we love the Joovy brand, so that’s always a plus!

23. Kids Red Tricycle with Handle

This is another bike option for the younger kids — we got this same one for Ava last year for Christmas! It’s a tricycle so they can ride it on their own but there’s also a removable handle on there so you can push them along before they know how to ride it on their own! Ava couldn’t reach the pedals last Christmas when she got it (she was a little over 1 1/2 years old) but she could reach by the time she turned 2!

24. Paint with Water Books

Toddlers and paint don’t mesh well, if you know what I mean, but Ava loves these paint with water books! And the best part? They dry white so you can paint them over and over and over and you never have to buy new ones!

25. Outdoor Toddler Swing

Back when we had a big tree in our backyard, we used this swing for Ava for years! She could swing in there for hours (and occasionally fell asleep in there too!). I linked it on Amazon below!

26. Indoor Baby Swing

This is one I REALLY want to get for baby boy’s nursery but we’ve never owned one before! I think they’re just adorable and so perfect for babies! I linked one I thought was super cute and had great reviews :)

27. Magnetic Building Blocks

I LOVE these…and they’re fun for adults too! We’ve got this same set and I linked them on Amazon below!

28. Electric Kids Cars

Ava LOVES her electric car. Like she lives in it! One of her aunts got it for her for her first birthday and even now that it no longer moves, she still loves to play make believe in it and uses it just about every day!

Click the link below to browse Amazon for kids cars or if you love the one Ava has, just click the image below and I linked it right to that black BMW!

29. Kids Tutus

Ava is currently tutu obsessed — She’d wear one every single day (and to bed) if I let her! We LOVE this shop and have bought all of our tutus from them so they are highly recommended in my book!

30. Dollhouse Peg Dolls

Ava’s owned her dollhouse almost a year now and we still haven’t gotten her any dolls…oops! So we snagged some of these adorable wooden peg dolls for her for Christmas and they turned out SO CUTE!! They also make personalized peg dolls so once baby boy is here and we know what he looks like, we are totally going to get a family of peg dolls for her that look just like us!