Franky | FIVE Months Old

Franky will b e 6 months old in the a little less than a week and here I am, just now posting all of his 5 month updates. Better late than never, right? I

l’ll keep it short and sweet:

  • He rolled from back to front right when he turned 4 months old (the 15th, the day we moved into our new home… I guess he was excited)

  • His little fingers are always in his mouth.

  • He’s obsessed with Ava — like obsessed. And I’m happy to report that she feels the same :)

  • He started to inchworm around and sort of get to places he wants to go.

  • He laughs whenever we take his clothes off. Seriously, the second his shirt goes over his face he giggles hysterically and it may be the cutest thing ever.

  • Since he now flips over in his sleep, he’s become a tummy sleeper.

  • This is the month he started stealing Ava’s toys… sorry Ava!

Oh, and he gained only about 6oz from last month so we’re starting solids and hopefully that helps! So far so good :)

Alrighty — I’ll be back for that 6 month baby update in just a week!!