How we conceived our boy.

We tried for this boy.

We read all the things. Of course we would’ve been ecstatic with a boy or a girl but in order to complete our family (or so we thought at the time… joke’s on us), we wanted a boy…if we had the choice. We weren’t doing IVF so really we didn’t have the choice but when people asked, “What gender do you want?” If we had to answer, it was boy.

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I briefly mentioned it while I was pregnant with Franky but apparently, there are lots of “myths” out there on how to conceive a boy or a girl — foods you eat, position during conception, position of the moon, etc etc etc and while we didn’t try all the things, we did try the one that was the most scientific.

Every once in a while, I get a DM asking about it — someone asking me to send them the blog post I wrote about it all months back during my pregnancy so I figured I would blog it again for those of you who are interested. Whether it actually worked or it was a coincidence, we tried for a boy and we got our little boy… and here’s how we did it.

Basically, this is how the human body works (or so Google tells us):

Male sperm swim fast. Female sperm swim slow.

Male sperm die off quicker. Female sperm survive longer.

Now of course none of us actually knows the exact time we’re going to ovulate so there’s a guessing game in all of this but moral of the story is that if you’re tracking it all, you want to have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible to increase your chances of having a boy… you know, so the male sperm beat out those female sperm before the male sperm can die off. And you want to not have intercourse leading up to that, because then those female sperm may beat out the males in survival.

Are you sort of getting the drift here?

I used an ovulation kit that told me high fertility (a blinking smiley face) and peak fertility (a solid smiley face) so when I finally got that blinking smiley face, we waited. Once that solid smiley came along, we still waited. We didn’t jump on it. We waited an entire day and then attempted to conceive our little boy in the hopes that those male sperm out beat the female sperm and that I’d ovulate as close to that time as possible, increasing our changes of having that little boy we were dreaming of.

Moral of the story: It' probably was a fluke because you know, we had a 50/50 chance of getting our little Franky boy, but we like to think it was all us and our perfect timing ;)

So there’s that just in case you were wondering!