Easter Bruch Recipe | Sweet & Spicy Ham + Baked Bacon Mac & Cheese

This is the first year the Easter Bunny will be headed to the Hallak home and that means, it's the first time this mama is cooking Easter brunch for our little family of three (because we all know that ham isn't good for Baxter). So I did a little Easter brunch recipe prep and made the most delicious sweet & spicy ham with a side of baked bacon mac and cheese.

Are you hungry yet?

If you're in need of a unique Easter brunch recipe idea -- a sweet and spicy ham recipe and the most delicious baked bacon mac and cheese recipe, all using Farmer John products, then you've come to the right blog. Yes, I filmed the whole thing just for you so you can make it too.

You're welcome ;)

PRESS PLAY below for the step by step recipe
or scroll to the end of the video for written out instructions!
It's seriously as easy as 1, 2, 3...maybe slightly harder but not much.