Pregnancy Friendly Recipe // Warm Chicken Salad

Written with love, by Sarah-Elizabeth Stone

Warm Chicken Salad recipe // pregnant recipe

The waiting part is the hardest. You think to yourself, "Two weeks give or take and I’ll know. It’s not that long, really. Two weeks, 14 days, 336 hours. It’s all some people get for vacation time, usually an online purchase can be delivered within that time. What is two weeks?"

Week two is when the symptoms begin to start, something begins to stir and you’re almost sure, but you have another week or so to wait. You’ve waited out the nausea, the headaches, back aches and heart burn, but you can’t be sure.

To all the mama’s that are waiting for the next few weeks, have been waiting months, or even years, this easy recipe is quick to make and packed full of nutrition that you don’t have to guess about.



·         2-3 chicken breasts

Warm Chicken Salad recipe // pregnant recipe

·         ¼ tsp of basil

·         ¼  tsp of paprika

·         ¼ tsp of oregano

·         ½ tbs of olive oil

·         2-3 tomatoes

·         ¼ tsp of garlic powder

·         3 eggs

·         ½ cup of mushrooms

·         ½ cup of chopped carrots


Warm Chicken Salad recipe // pregnant recipe

1.       Pre spice chicken with basil, paprika, and oregano

2.       On medium heat cook chicken until brown and slightly crisp on the outside

3.       Preheat oven to 350F

4.       Chop tomatoes and sprinkle with olive oil, basil and paprika, cook in the oven for 5 minutes a side

5.       For extra protein, hard boil 2-3 eggs while the tomatoes and chickens cook

6.       Fry up mushrooms & carrots and add into the salad

Warm Chicken Salad recipe // pregnant recipe

Please consult with your doctor before making and consuming this recipe.

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