WHY I'M A BLOGGER | "My light will shine"

Social media has such a bad reputation. We all post about all of our happy moments, the cutest pictures with the best filters, we show the world the beauty we find when we travel, and the happiest moments of our daily lives. To everyone looking from the outside, most of our lives are perfect.

We have perfect marriages and perfect little angel babies and live the most perfect, happy lives.

And unfortunately, that makes everyone from the outside looking in feel bad about themselves. Why isn't my life perfect like theirs? Why doesn't God throw obstacles their way? Why me?

You've all thought it, I'm sure of it.

While everyone is always hating on the fact that we all show only the happy moments on social media, I'll be the first to tell you that I find social media absolutely amazing.

When the world is full of anger and hate and sadness, social media is one sure place to find happiness and a smile each and every day - it's a place to show our joys and our triumphs. It's a place to remind ourselves that no matter what life has thrown our way, that there are so many reasons to be happy. And if you think otherwise, head on over to your social media profiles and see all of the happy moments you've posted about. I'm sure there are plenty.

Yes, social media can be hurtful and it definitely has it's downfalls just like everything else in life, but I find it pretty amazing. It has the opportunity to bring out the best in us if that is what we choose to take from it.

Social media showcases our joys. Social media is proof that your lives aren't terrible. Social media and the posts that you, yourself, have made are living proof that your life has amazing, wonderful moments.

Social media is proof that God is good.

My Light Will Shine - Mom T-Shirts from The Blissful Trenders - Briana Lindsey Photography

I mean, personally, I think if people showcased only their terrible moments in life, it would be downright depressing and we could all use some extra happy in our lives. I believe in real and raw. At times, talking about life's negatives is important too, whether you need an outlet to vent or a place to gain some support in the form of "likes," I think that's great too.

There is one blogger in life that I've followed. Just one. And from the outside looking in, I always thought her life was perfect. She's gorgeous, has adorable little babies, travels the world and every single moment on her feed is perfection. And from the outside looking in, I think a lot of bloggers' lives may seem that way, including myself. I showcase our happy moments and while I do mention our trials and triumphs occasionally, I can definitely see why some of you may form your own ideas about my "perfect life," just as I did toward this other blogger before I was in her shoes. For those of you who think my life is perfect because I post pretty pictures, it's not. You're absolutely wrong.

It's not perfect but I'll admit that it is pretty amazing, through every up and every down. I find the positives in my life (or at least I try my best to) and showcase them to shine that light out on the world. And when I am struggling and open up about something, I try my best to always showcase something positive to leave you on a happy note.

Because I believe in happy.

I'm a normal mom just like you. The only difference is that blogging is what I chose to do for a living. Showcasing products and apparel I love and sharing some private parts of my life for the world to read about is what I have chosen and I do my best to be real and raw and to show you that I am a normal person just like all of you. And if I post a lot of pretty pictures it's because I hope to bring joy into your lives. I want to bring happiness to your day when you need it the most and I want to show you that parenting can be hard but that you're doing a great job. I am a normal mom, just like you, just trying to figure out this whole parenting thing alongside you. We're all in this together.

So despite how many pictures I post, how many happy stories I tell, the gorgeous shots our amazing photographer, Briana, takes of us that may seem as though we have constant paparazzi following us around, just remember that I am real. I'm not perfect and neither is my life...not even close.

I have daily insecurities every time I post -- Will I be judged? Will people respond negatively? What names are people going to call me to their spouses at home? Is someone going to tell me that I'm parenting all wrong? That I'm a terrible mom? Yep, I've heard it all from complete strangers and that's just the reality of putting my life out there. I get that.

But I continue to open up my life despite all of my insecurities because I hope I can be a connection to those who need it. I want to be living, breathing proof that someone (myself) is going through the same struggles as you and I want to be an outlet for some daily happiness when you need it.

And that, right there, is why I'm a very not-so-perfect, extremely hard working, just trying to learn as a I go, new mom who is opening my entire life to strangers in hopes of positively impacting others. If I can make just one person smile because of a single picture or happy quote, then it's all worth it. If I can help one parent realize that they are not alone, then my blog is a success.

And that, right there, is why I blog.

My Light Will Shine - Mom T-Shirts from The Blissful Trenders - Briana Lindsey Photography

Photography: Briana Lindsey Photography
"My light will shine" Shirt: The Blissful Trenders