What's in my hospital bag?

You all voted over on my insta poll and wanted to see what I packed in that hospital bag so here it is for ya — “What’s in my hospital bag?” vlog with the help of all of YOU! 

When I went into labor with Ava, my water broke on my first contraction and I had no bag packed. I know, what kind of a first time mom was I?? Anyhow, it was 3am, we threw a bunch of stuff into some bags and I looked like I was moving into that hospital for the next month. Seriously. 347 bows for Ava, at least 17 outfits for her, 7 pairs of leggings for me, 12 sweaters and I had nothing I actually would have wanted. Obviously that’s an exaggeration but seriously, I failed miserably in the hospital bag department.

So I asked you all what I REALLY needed this time around and got it narrowed down quite nicely — I can fit everything I packed into half of a carry-on (my husband gets the other half). And boom, we’ve been set for weeks!

...and now we wait.

So here it is: 

“What’s in my hospital bag?”

Just click below head over to our YouTube channel to watch it!

And as promised on the video, I said I’d link everything in there too so if there’s anything you see that you want, it’s all linked down here!

“What’s in my hospital bag?” Essentials List

  • camera + camera charger

  • phone charger (with a long cord)

  • comfortable, nursing-friendly dresses (Dwell & Slumber)

  • comfy nursing friendly bras (Kindred Bravely)

  • going home shoes (Vici Collection)

  • slippers

  • baby blanket (Mebie Baby)

  • baby swaddle (Solly Baby)

  • baby’s first outfit (Onesie: Cheerliy, Bow Tie: Dakko Baby)

  • Wooden Baby Sign (Pretty Little Laser)

  • (1) newborn outfit

  • (1) 0-3 outfit (just in case he’s big as predicted!)

  • beanie (or bow if you’re having a girl!) (Wild Sunshine Threads)

  • makeup (I didn’t wear any with Ava but we shall see)

  • shower stuff (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion)

  • disposable nursing pads (I had a huge milk oversupply with Ava from the start)

  • post delivery-friendly undies (I think they provided them last time but I’ve got some just in case)

  • toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mini brush, face wash, face lotion, nipple cream)

  • t-shirt + joggers (not sure if they’re necessary but I’ve got them just in case)

  • robe