Week 36 // Belly Pics

And that's a wrap to week 36 of my pregnancy! This week Ava seemed to be moving less than usual (she's been quite active the entire pregnancy) so I went in for a no-stress test and everything was perfect! But to my surprise -- and excitement -- I had 5 contractions while taking the test. Not that this means much, but it was SO exciting for me to be re-assured that she is coming soon! And now that I know exactly what each of those contractions feels like since I got to watch the monitor as they were happening, I've been feeling them a couple times per day which I absolutely love :)

Only three weeks to go (hopefully) and then we get to meet that precious little girl! Can I please just fall asleep and wake up in 3 weeks? That would be just wonderful!

This is what my pregnant belly is looking like at 36 weeks:

pregnancy week 36 belly
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