Week 34 // Belly Pics

Last night we finished up our final baby class - Newborn Care! We learned to swaddle, some soothing techniques, and other information that is just great to know! So now we are REALLY in the home stretch!

Frank tried out thenew rocking chair with Baxter and it totally worked...twice! Well, three times if you count Frank also falling asleep. Now I just hope it works that well (and quickly) for Ava.

The last decor item for the nursery came in this week and we've got one more piece to hang. And then the hangers are also arriving this week so I get to get her closet set up. After that, only a couple more items are going to one by one come in this week and then we are 100% done! Here is what my belly is looking like this week :)

week 34 pregnancy belly
grey nursery rocking chair
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