Week 32 // Belly Pics

We finally hit the 8 month marker so we have less than 2 months to go! Eek!

This week we finished the last of our birth class series at the hospital so we have just one more class in 2 weeks which is all about newborn basic care and then classes are complete!

We met with a potential pediatrician this morning, got our car seats installed, and got the high chair all set up (although she won't be using that for a while...but we were just too excited!) So one-by-one we are getting everything checked off of that "to do" list.

We have our baby shower this weekend so I cannot WAIT to start getting everything put together and getting that nursery all set! Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it'll be all done and set for Ava's arrival :) (of course, photos coming soon!)

This is what my belly is looking like this week:

week 32 pregnancy belly photos
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