Week 31 // Belly Pics

We got so much done this week and have so much "baby stuff" planned for next week too! Of course that included getting more Nike outfits, a Nike "diaper bag" for the hubby more books and teddy bears for our little girl!

This week for me, however, was not so easy. I've been having a ton of pain right below my right rib which first started out as an achy feeling on my skin and then got worse this week, with stronger throbbing pain - it doesn't make sleeping too fun! My doctor thinks it's just my ribs stretching so it looks like Ava is just trying to create more room in there. And on top of that, I can definitely feel my lungs working harder to breathe as she begins to crowd them more and more. But despite all of that, it's totally worth every ache and every pain. And from what I've heard about other pregnancies, I've had it pretty easy so far! Next week we are already at 8 months and that means we are SO CLOSE to meeting this little princess! :)

Here is what my belly is looking like this week!

week 31 pregnancy belly pics
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