Week 28 // Belly Pics

This is our first week of our third trimester...eek!! We painted Ava's nursery so it is all ready for furniture and I cannot wait to get it all set up and ready for her arrival! The colors we are using are white, seafoam, and grey.

We met our new OB since we moved and absolutely love the doctors there which is such a relief. We signed up for all of our baby classes - birth classes, newborn training, delivery orientation, and breastfeeding classes so the next couple of weeks are going to be jam-packed with classes galore to get us prepared to be a mommy and daddy!

And the biggest news of the week...

Ava is head down and ready for birth! She's there a little early so clearly she likes to be prompt like her mommy ;)

Here are some shots of my belly this week and the empty nursery all painted!

week 28 pregnancy belly pics
baby girl nursery seafoam color
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