Week 27 // Belly Pics

Our little Ava Sue (well she feels rather large when she is kicking and punching me!) is the size of a bunch of bananas this week. We are all moved into our new home and ready to meet our new doctor after Christmas. Like always, she loves to kick and punch whenever I am just lying down to go to sleep...and I love every second of it :)

Over the past couple of weeks, she has been giving me terrible rib pain. At least it's not every single day but she sure did find her sweet spot!

This past weekend, she had her first "fake" Christmas (Christmas with the Hallak side of the family since we are always with my family for real Christmas). And boy is she spoiled already...not that expected anything less! We also bought paint for her room and I am beyond excited to start getting everything set up after the holidays.

It's the last week of our second trimester and then we're on to the home stretch! We get to meet this little munchkin in less than 3 months. Can you believe it?

week 27 pregnancy belly photos
week 27 pregnancy belly photos
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