Franky | TWO Months Old

Our little man Franky turned two months old on Saturday and as you all already know, he’s the absolute love of my life. Today he weighed in at 12lbs 5oz and gahhh I can’t stop squishing and kissing those cheeks and hugging him and snuggling him and honestly, just staring at the perfection that he is. I’ve literally cried looking at him because of how happy I am that I have him in my life — it’s an indescribable love and my goodness I’m such a lucky mama. 

Here are some of Franky’s milestones and updates this month:

- He’s officially waking up only once at night (most nights) and my goodness that makes this mama’s life so much easier.
- He’s obsessed with all fans (turned off).
- He wakes up smiling, goes to bed smiling, smiles all day long and even started that cute thing where he looks at me while he’s nursing and stops eating to smile at me (all the heart eyes for this!).
- He started rolling from front to back consistently around 5 weeks and he non-stop is trying to crawl. This guy just wants to move!
- He’s not the biggest fan of the carrier when he’s awake because all he wants to do is stand! Sitting definitely isn’t his favorite.
- He started itty bitty giggles when we rock him back and forth on his back like a mini roller coaster and my heart explodes every single time.
- He must be held facing out toward the world at all times. He wants to experience it all!

 Our Franky boy is chill as heck, handsome as ever and just my favorite little man! Happy Two Months, cutie pie! I love you with “olive my heart.”

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