Franky | THREE Months Old

Three months old and I cannot believe it. I am so in love with my little man and just have chills thinking back on the beautiful, perfect day he came into our lives.

Today we had Franky’s three month check-up and unfortunately his weight gain was very minimal this month. My supply is great, he went off of his reflux medication this month because he doesn’t seem to be in any pain anymore when he spits up (like a world of a difference from before!) but he just isn’t gaining like he should. So the allergy testing begins! Unfortunately for me, that means I’m part of this trial and error testing.

First up, milk.

If you know me at all, you know I’m milk obsessed. I’m talking at least 4-5 glasses of milk a day. Oh yeah, and ice cream is my jam. So let’s just hope the allergy is something else and NOT milk or this is going to be a very long year, like very very long year, of breastfeeding. But whatever my baby needs, my baby gets. So here we go!

Here are some of Franky’s milestones and updates this month:

  • This kid never stops smiling. Like ever. When he cries (which is rare), he takes “smile breaks” before he begins crying again. No joke. He’s the happiest baby alive! Oh yeah and my favorite is when he takes eating breaks just to smile at me — heart melt galore!

  • He hates sitting. If you try to make him sit he will straighten his entire body like a board to ensure he is standing at all moments of the day. And because of that, he’s not a fan of the carrier. Let’s just hope that changes soon!

  • He loves to talk. And it makes me so happy :)

  • He still loves the fan, especially when it’s turned OFF. Every time he spots a fan, he gets the biggest smile on his face and often even giggles a little!

  • He sleeps 8-9 hours most nights and on the nights he doesn’t, I at least get a 5-6 hour stretch in. So we’re very well rested over here, thank goodness!

  • He stopped taking a bottle (eye roll) so we’re going to have to work on getting that back. Like stat!

  • He started sucking his thumb like crazy which is totally adorable but I keep reminding myself that I can take a pacifier away but that thumb will remain. So I’ve been putting a blanket on his hand when he sucks it (not while he’s in his crib, of course) and have tried getting him to take a paci when it happens (which he won’t take) but we’re working hard to get rid of that cute little habit.

And just like that, my little boy is three months old and is the absolute light of our lives. We love you, Franky boy!


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