14 Postpartum Items You Need [that no one told me before Ava]

I way over-packed our hospital bag and needed just about none of what I brought with us when I went into labor. And I came home from the hospital as a first time mom with no manual. Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual and apparently, there are lots of little “things” no one really talks about having a newborn.

No one told me that my newborn would sleep like a champ the first couple of weeks (because newborns sleep) and really, it would be the months after that that were the hardest. No one told me about the potential of milk oversupply or engorgement or being in so much pain not from delivery, but because my newborn just couldn’t keep up with the milk my body was producing for her. No one told me that an average size baby does, in fact, fit into newborn clothes — I actually heard the opposite time and time again. “Don’t buy the newborn size because they probably won’t fit in them anyways,” they said. And my 7lb 8oz baby who was 21 1/2 inches tall was swimming in those newborn clothes. You guessed it: I didn’t have any newborn clothes at home waiting for her because of that.

That first week of being a mom I made so many trips to the store to snag the items I didn’t know I would need — the items I’d never ever heard about.

So here I am with a list of “things you need to buy before you deliver,” just in case no one else tells you:

1. Postpartum Spray + Wash Bottle

If you’re delivering vaginally, or plan on it, this stuff is a necessity. I used it for weeks after delivery!

2. Ice Packs

Also for vaginally deliveries and let me tell you, they work wonders.


3. Nipple Cream

I was told breastfeeding may be difficult and while the latching part came easily for us, the pain I was in from that constant sucking was terrible. Nipple cream worked wonders and is okay for babies to suck on too!


4. Pads

Without talking too much TMI, just snag some. I needed them for a couple of months after delivery.

5. Disposable Nursing Pads

I leaked right on through our cloth, washable breast pads because of my oversupply in milk. But the disopsable breast pads were amazing because 1) they are sticky so don’t fall out of your bra and 2) they soak up that moisture like crazy and never leaked! I linked them below!


6. Milk Savers

I didn’t ever have these with Ava but I am totally snagging them this time! When you’re nursing on one side, your milk flows on the other side too and with these milk catchers, you can snag all of that extra milk instead of leaking it into your nursing pads. Brilliant! I looked around and these ones had the most positive reviews on Amazon so I linked them below for ya!


7. Stool Softeners

Just trust me on this one.

8. Plain White Onesies in Newborn Size

Despite what everyone may tell you, an average sized baby will fit into newborn clothes. So you do need to snag a couple, at least, for those first couple of weeks!

9. Nursing Bras

…and make sure they’re comfy!

10. Baby Formula

You never know if your milk will come in or if your baby will be able to latch properly. So do some research ahead of time and snag some baby formula just in case you need it. Because it’s better to be prepared than having to research at the last minute!

11. Heatable Meals

Just snag some healthy meals and put them in the freezer so when you’re in need of some food, it’s a quick couple minutes in the microwave and you’re all set. Those first couple of weeks after delivery you’ll be thinking about your baby so much that you may not tend much to yourself so this is the best and easiest way to make sure you’re still getting meals in!

12. A Baby Wrap

Our wrap totally saved us when Ava was a newborn. It allowed me to do things I needed to get done while Ava slept because doing things with two hands is a lot easier than doing it with one hand. Just trust me on this — it’ll change your life!

13. A Hand Pump

In addition to a regular pump, I loved having a portable hand pump with me when I needed it! Those first couple of weeks when I had a massive oversupply I would need to pump immediately and Ava just couldn’t keep up with all of that milk I had for her. So having that hand pump on the go was a total lifesaver! I linked the one I used with Ava below!


14. A comfy nursing-friendly robe or gown.

Something comfy to wear in the hospital and for when you get home and have guests visiting is something I never snagged. There are so many robes, cute gowns and comfy, flowy dresses out there that are nursing friendly and I’m totally going to shop around for one this time!