...okay, well not actually.

You were probably expecting some crazy story about how that popular baby-wearing device saved me from death, but this story is not that crazy. And this isn't a Boba wrap review either. -- Nope, this isn't endorsed by Boba whatsoever. It's endorsed by me, the mommy who is a big fan of baby wearing and Boba just happens to be the wrap I picked.

So while the Boba wrap hasn't actually saved my life, it has made it a LOT easier.

When I first had Ava, my sister and I sat there reading directions and trying it out with a teddy bear and boy, did our wrap look terrible compared to the ones in the photos.

Then when Ava was about a week old, I tried again. I got myself all wrapped up, spent 10 minutes attempting to put her in there correctly to prevent all of the terrible ways you can hurt their hips if you place them wrong and then finally got her in there safe and sound. And about 30-seconds later, I was covered in barf. Yep, all over me and all over the wrap.

Try number three went fairly well. I wore her to a family outing and she stayed in there about half an hour until I smelled a horrendous poopy diaper. I took her out, changed her, and then gave up on trying to wrap myself up again.

And then I was over it. It just wasn't worth it.

A couple of weeks later, I saw a post in a mommy Facebook group with links to videos on different ways to wrap and the best and easiest way to get your baby in there without any help. And boy were those videos helpful so I've included them right here so you don't have to suffer like I did.

And then yesterday, something amazing happened...and it was [pretty much] life changing.

We cleaned the house in the morning, went to story time at the library with some friends, had a picnic at the park, did some work, went grocery shopping (like a full shopping trip), carried all of the groceries in and got them all put away, did not one but two loads of laundry AND cooked dinner. Like a real dinner that I didn't just throw in the microwave. And this all happened before daddy got home. If I were you, I'd think I were super mom. But really, it was all because of that super long piece of black fabric that someone named and branded as Boba. And I am now their biggest fan.

boba wrap reviews

I never knew how much more could be accomplished in one day with two hands rather than one! And it was amazing.

So while it didn't actually save my life, it made me less stressed because I was able to walk around a clean house, allowed me to earn a living by actually getting some work done for once, allowed me to go out and get food so that I could fill by belly (because that is something that is needed for survival0, gave me a very happy husband because food was ready before he got home from work, and just made me a very happy (and healthy) mommy.

And Ava was right there with me, happy as can be.

So it pretty much saved my life...just saying :)

If you don't already have a wrap or some sort of baby carrier (or are just sick of trying), get one and try again. Because it can (and will)change your) life too.

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