MY BATTERY RANT | The best toys for babies (and moms)

Whatever happened to old fashioned toys? And where the heck did board games go? I know they still exist in stores but they've gotten all high techy. Last night my husband and I sat down for a game of good old fashioned backgammon and you know what? We loved it!

I grew up on playing cards and cardboard board games and that is how we've always said we wanted to raise Ava. But in this day in age, high tech gizmos and gadgets are what every kid "needs." Heck, even our cars are computers these days.

Okay yeah, I totally like having an iPhone and love some of the kids learning apps I've downloaded on the iPad but you know what's just the worst part of all of this new tech stuff?


Not only are batteries extremely dangerous around kids (okay, that's not the real reason I don't like them...yet) but they're so dang frustrating. Every toy seems to die after less then three weeks of use and my limited supply needs to be replenished every single shopping trip. Maybe I should look into an Amazon prime subscription for them?

Ava used to love her toy car. I could put her in there every morning and it would keep her occupied the entire time I did the dishes and got the house picked up. And she loved it! And after just a couple of weeks, the batteries died and I literally cannot figure out how (or where) to replace them.

And so, instead of a very useful mommy tool, it's turned into a big piece of plastic rolling around my kitchen. A big piece of plastic that annoys Ava far more than it entertains her. And I don't blame her! If mommy clapped and cheered every time I hit the button that made noise and flashed bright lights, I'd be frustrated if I couldn't figure out how to make that magic happen anymore, too!

So instead of the most amazing toy that gave mommy half an hour of productive time any more, it's now turned into a big piece of rolling plastic that Ava wants to go in, but can't stand when she's in. It's a lose-lose for everyone and it's all because of batteries.

And that's why old fashioned is always better.

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I've only bought Ava two toys since we got so many gifted to us at her baby shower and my number one criteria for my purchases? No batteries needed.

So today, we headed to Target to pick out a xylophone - a non-battery operated, good old fashioned xylophone that will literally last forever. And that's the best baby toy I could ever purchase.

It's funny how the toys that are more expensive, actually die the quickest. 

Simplicity wins.