Small Shop Holiday Shopping Spree GIVEAWAY

Almost three years ago when I started The Overwhelmed Bride, I purchased the URL for The Overwhelmed Mommy. And at first, I was pretty much only doing bump updates for all of my family and friends to see. And then I discovered the small shop world. The amazing, fantastic, adorable world of small shopping. As soon as Ava started repping (modeling, if you don’t know what repping is) for some of these shops, I was totally hooked.

Seven months later and I have formed so many friendships with so many small shop owners. I mean, these ladies are truly AMAZING. Ava has a hand sewn wardrobe and I still cannot believe that these mama’s are able to run entire shops with just their two hands…cutting, sewing, packaging all while juggling their children. To say they’re all amazing is an understatement.

So if you haven’t discovered the small shop world, you’re welcome.

You’re going to fall in love.

Moving right along to the giveaway, because I assume that’s why you’re here…

We’ve teamed up with 15 of our favorite small shops to bring a holiday shopping spree to one lucky winner. Yes, one winner will get to shop until they drop with $248 in small shop cash!

And now that I think about it, I kind of wish I wasn’t sponsoring this so I could enter. Getting all of that holiday shopping done early AND not paying a penny for it? I’ll take it!

Instead of doing an Instagram giveaway, we’re sending you off into the world of Pinterest. Because who doesn’t love Pinterest? And who doesn’t love following the cutest shops out there on Pinterest? I’ll answer that for you…no one.

It’s super easy and will only take you a couple of minutes total. Personally, I would spend a couple of minutes of my life entering if I knew it meant I could knock off lots of my Christmas shopping in one big swoop...and it’s all online, so a major mommy plus right there!

Click the link below to enter….good luck!

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