NURSING PADS | Reusable or Disposable?

When I was about 5 months pregnant, one of those Facebook adds tailored exactly to me popped up featuring reusable, cloth breast pads. You know, I really hadn't even thought about breast pads before that. You mean to tell me that milk is going to shoot out of my boobs just randomly throughout the day? Yep, it sure does! Especially when you're blessed with a very full supply of milk like I am!

An excited pregnant woman who purchases everything I see that has to do with babies, I selected the designs I wanted and clicked "purchase." They arrived about a week later and then I stashed them away for a couple of months.

And then Ava came around and again, I didn't quite understand what was going to start happening with my boobs but after the first night, I soon learned that breast pads we're going to become a necessary accessory in my every day attire. I woke up with a soaked shirt...and I mean soaked. Like I could wring it out, soaked. So out came those breast pads.

reusable or disposable nursing pads

That lasted a total of, maybe, 3 days before I just knew there had to be a better solution to my "problem." So I asked a friend for her suggestion and she recommended Lansinoh disposable pads. And to this day, they are now a part of my every day wardrobe.

In those first three days, a whole lot went wrong with the reusable pads. So, here are the four reasons why disposable breast pads are much better than reusable ones:


1. The Leaking

Reusable breast pads (or at least the ones I had) are made of cloth. So with cloth and only cloth, they apparently don't take into account the mommies who leak a lot like I do. The first time I wore them, I leaked all the way through them and then all the way through my bra. Isn't that what they're supposed to prevent? On the flip side, my disposable ones not only have a plastic-like waterproof side, but they have an absorbent pad so that not even I can feel the wetness when I leak.


2. Staying In Place

One thing that I found great about the disposable pads is that one side is sticky so that the pad stays in place, whereas the reusable ones would slip around in my bra.

In addition to that, I LOVE backless dresses so that stick is absolute perfection! It sticks right in place on the inside of my clothes and no bra is necessary.


3. Size Matters

My disposable breast pads are far thinner than the reusable ones. And that's just a plus for obvious reasons.


4. No Ironing Necessary

The first time I washed the reusable breast pads, they came out all crinkled and just didn't lay flat after that. And what was I going to do, iron them every time I needed them? As if any mom has time for that!

So as you can see, I wasn't the biggest fan of reusable breast pads. Yep, they would've saved me quite a bit of money and the idea of them sounded great! But don't let them fool you, they just don't work nearly as well as the disposables. I vote for team disposable, 100%!

Here is a link to the Lansinoh nursing pads that I use:

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