PUPPP Pregnancy Rash Itch Remedies + Relief

A couple days after Christmas, my belly was all of the sudden covered in a rash — small, red bumps that covered my belly and my belly only. After a quick Google search, the only thing I could find that it could be was PUPPPs, a heat rash, or an all allergic reaction to something. It lasted over a week and when I saw my doctor, she saw it and immediately knew it was PUPPPs.

PUPPP Pregnancy Rash Itch Remedies + Relief - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

She told me there was no cure and they really don’t even know what PUPPPs comes from but guess that it’s an allergic reaction to your own placenta so, because of that, it doesn’t go away until you deliver and only gets worse, typically spreading all over your entire body (minus your face, thank goodness). I had two months left until delivery so wasn’t too happy about it but the good news was that it wouldn’t harm my baby boy and that’s what matters the most!

So I posted on social media, asking for PUPPP remedies and so many of you came to the rescue. Well, long story short, the rash is mysteriously gone, my doctor is baffled and told me to expect it to come back because she was sure that’s what it was, and I’m over here doing a happy dance that I’m not all itchy…at least for the time being.

But for those of you who do have PUPPPs, I figured I might as well put all of that great info you all sent my way to good use. So here is a complete list of PUPPP pregnancy rash itch relief and remedies. I haven’t tried any of these since the rash went away and of course, consult your doctor first becasue none of this is medical advice — it’s just adcice from all of you on the PUPPP remedies that worked well for all of you!

PUPPP Pregnancy Rash Itch Remedies + Relief

  • Hot showers

  • Grandpas Pine Tar Soap (the most highly recommended!)

  • Only wear cotton shirts on skin contact

  • Oatmeal baths

  • Aloe Vera

  • Lavaderm Cream

  • Ice packs and cold compressions

  • Pink calamine lotion (refrigerate it so it’s cold)

  • Baking soda bath

  • Aquafor

  • Lavender mixed with gentle baby soap

  • Tubby Todd Ointment

  • Coconut oil mixed with lavender

  • Dandelion root tincture and milk thistle capsules bath