Pregnant Belly Week 14 | Funny Pregnancy Shirt of the Week

Here we are, 14 weeks pregnant and my nausea is finally non-existent! Thank goodness! I’m finally able to just sit back and enjoy this pregnancy!

Pregnant Belly Week 14 - Funny Pregnancy Shirts

Am I glowing yet??

Besides that, not much has changed this week — just pluggin’ away. I feel like my belly is still the same size (which maybe is due to the fact that I’m actually working out now?) and up until this point, this pregnancy has been very worry-free. With Ava, I worried daily. Don’t get me wrong, I truly enjoyed pregnancy so much with her but I feel like I was constantly Googling things — What’s that feeling I just felt? Is something wrong? Should I be feeling sick? Why am I not sick? Is this normal?

Constant Googling.

But with this pregnancy, I’ve felt such ease. Up until this week, that is. You know what I now keep Googling?

When should I feel my second baby kick?

Non stop. Mr. Google tells me that the feeling could start as early as 13 weeks and for some reason, that just freaks me out. I’ve got a big baby and a tall baby (he’s 9 days too tall for his age) so why oh why have I not felt him kick yet? I’ll lie there nice and still, just waiting for it to happen and I know, I’m totally reading into this becasuse Mr. Google also tells me that some moms don’t feel those kicks until 23 weeks so that’s a long way away. But ughhh — I’ve got an entire month until my next appointment and I really just cannot wait until I get to feel this little man kicking every day so I’m re-assured all is well. And then once it happens, I’m sure I’ll get a terribly bruised right rib like I did with Ava and just think of the days when there was no kicking. The grass always seems greener, huh?

Enough of that talk — Onto our (you guessed it)…

Funny Pregnancy Shirt of the Week

Am I glowing yet? But seriously, is this really a thing? Or something to make us mamas feel better when we aren’t feeling like we look so hot?

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Pregnant Belly Week 14 - Funny Pregnancy Shirts
Pregnant Belly Week 14 - Funny Pregnancy Shirts
Pregnant Belly Week 14 - Funny Pregnancy Shirts

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