Week 37 // Belly Pics

Week 37 has almost come to a close and that means tomorrow, we have exactly 2 WEEKS LEFT until our due date! Nothing too exciting this week - just more random, painless Braxton Hicks contractions and some lower back aches and pains but nothing alarming or out of the ordinary.

I have my doctor's appointment on Friday this week and cannot wait to check on that dilation again - I was 1cm last week which, of course, doesn't mean much at all but it is still pretty exciting to hear! Hopefully I will have made it a little further this week :) Now we just have to make it through Saturday because we are hosting a BBQ at our house...so keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't make an appearance in the next couple of days. Sunday is fine with me, though. In fact, Sunday would be greatly appreciated :)

Here is what my belly looks like this week!

pregnant belly photos 37 weeks