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Potty Training Update:

Potty Training Tricks + Tips -- Lid Buddies

Ava has been doing fantastic. She hasn't had a single accident in public since we started potty training (knock on wood, please!) and last night she even woke up at 3am yelling, "Mama, tee tee!" which means "pee pee." Like I don't even understand why this was so easy for her and to be potty trained at night too? We're just so proud over here.

But there is one thing that intimidates her still...

The Big Potty

When we're out and about, you can tell she isn't a fan of going on the big potties. She's a bit nervous and even when she tells me she needs to go, she typically sits down and doesn't actually go. I get it, though. She's so tiny she probably feels like she's going to fall in (even though I obviously hold on to her) and it's so high up there too. I'd be scared to sit on a potty that big proportionally too!

But we learned a little potty training trick from Lid Buddies and I had to tell you guys about it. It's probably the best potty training trick I've ever heard and I had never heard of it before last week.

Face them backward on the potty.

Yep, that's all! When they climb up a little stool, it's hard to turn around and sit and actually make it only the toilet, so this makes it nice and easy to just step up and slide right on. And then when they make it onto the toilet, their little butt can rest on the front part of the seat and they won't feel like they're falling into a big water hole. And it's something you can do in public too to make big potties far less intimidating.

Pretty freaking awesome, huh?

Potty Training Tricks + Tips -- Lid Buddies

And better yet? Lid Buddies themselves. Lid Buddies are a way to educate your kids while they are spending hours on the potty and they'll actually have fun doing it! So many times Ava wanted to get off because she was bored of sitting there (even when I knew she needed to go) and this is such a great way to keep her entertained.

A sticker that can be placed on a wall, the back of the toilet lid or any surface, for that matter, containing letters, phonics, animals and objects you can teach your kids as they potty train. The ink is waterproof, the sticker is water-resistant and it can be wiped clean with your regular household cleaners. It's removable and resilient and really, can be used beyond the potty too!

Educating while potty training? That's a win-win if I've ever heard of one!

Potty Training Tricks + Tips -- Lid Buddies
Potty Training Tricks + Tips -- Lid Buddies