Franky | ONE Month Old

One whole month with this happy little man and I cannot believe how much time has flied! I know, you’re probably sick of moms saying that over and over but my goodness it’s so true! One month of so much happiness with my little Franky and I cannot imagine my life without him in it.

If you want to read his birth story, click here.

With Ava, I logged all of her monthly milestones and I’m determined to make sure Franky doesn’t have “second baby syndrome”… or at least not too much. So while there aren’t too many “milestones” happening at one month old, here’s what our baby boy is like, what he’s doing and what I want to remember about his first month of life:

One Month Old Milestone Photos - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
  • Franky smiles ALL THE TIME. I know it’s involuntary but my goodness he gives us so many smiles that make me want to cry with joy — in his sleep, when he’s awake, you name it and this little man is smiling.

  • He’s not a great sleeper like his big sister was but we’re getting there. We got one 5 hour stretch of sleep in last week and most nights its 3-4 hours… but we’re working on getting a consistent 5 hours. How marvelous does that sound? If you want to hear the method we’re using for newborn baby sleep training, click here to read it!

  • He’s currently sleeping in his own room and his own crib and has been since the first night home from the hospital. We did this with Ava and didn’t want to have to re-sleep train again (and mama wants to get some good sleep) so while it means lots of trips to his room in the middle of the night, I am so glad we’re doing it this way.

  • Despite being a big baby, he’s still rocking newborn clothes. I swear, he still swims in 0-3 month old clothes and he’s quite the chunk! So whatever you do, don’t listen to everyone and their mother who urges you to not buy any newborn clothes for your babies… you’re going to need them.

  • At his one month appointment Franky was 10lbs 8oz and full of chunky rolls galore! Give me all the squish!

  • For the most part, he’s a pretty chill baby — he rarely cries, whines a little when he wants to eat or when he wakes up at night but so far, we haven’t really had any full blown cries so I’d say we’re winning there! Oh yeah, and you can put him down and he will just chill there without a care in the world. I mean, is this real life??

  • Unlike how Ava was as a baby, Franky LOVES the car. He falls asleep within seconds every single time we get in… so that’s quite the relief for this mama and let’s just hope that never changes.

  • He’s starting to grip things with those itty bitty fingers — toys, my finger (gahh this melts my heart), dad’s shirt and most of all, my hair. And why did I think it was a good idea to get hair extensions before having a baby?

  • He had his first cold + fever yesterday, just one day shy of one month old and it was so saddest — he couldn’t nurse, his eyes were watering all day and he just wanted to be held which of course, I didn’t mind one bit ;)

We love you to the moon and back, little man, and cannot wait to see what fun month two has in store for us :)