My biggest fear of having baby #2

We are less than two months from my due date. The nursery is getting there, I can no longer tie my shoes and let’s just say, it’s all getting real. As I continue to try and balance the work-from-home life and the stay-at-home mom life, I just want to soak in all of these moments I have with Ava — these moments are precious and they’re limited and soon the day will come when we will add another little mini to our clan and each weekday, it’ll be the three of us (well, the four of us if you count Baxter).

So here I am, with all of the same fears I felt when I first found out I was pregnant, the guilt that you’ve all been so kind to re-assure me will all go away the second I have him in my arms. But for now, I’m re-posting this article on my biggest fear with baby #2 so that those of you who have the same feelings as me just know that you are not alone.

My biggest fear with my second baby - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger