Our first VLOG | 90 Degrees in October

This morning we were just relaxing at home, enjoying a nice day with nothing to do. I was browsing through Insta stories and came across Hailey Devine's birthday vlog from Disneyland. And I thought to myself, "Hey, I should start vlogging too." You know, because I need to add more things to my weekly to do lists. I'm just not busy enough these days *sarcasm.* But hey, if I enjoy it, then technically I can just call it a hobby ;)

It's 90 degrees here today in the middle of October so I tested out a little video fun as Ava got her first sprinkler experience. And while she napped (woohoo!) I got our first vlog posted! And I'm kinda really digging this whole video thing so you maybe seeing more of this.

Love it? Hate it? Want to see more? Never want to see a Hallak vlog again? Can't wait to hear what you all think :)

Oh yeah, and Happy Saturday!