VLOG | A day in the life of a blogger -- Photoshoot Day

Before I was a "real" mommy blogger (for lack of a better word), like a full-time career blogger, I had no idea what bloggers actually did. Heck, so many people I know still cannot wrap their heads around the fact that this is a full time career and I make a full time living doing this. But that's a story for another day.

When you see a shot of Ava sitting in her gorgeous, clean, bright room, you don't see the mess I just pushed off the her dresser onto the floor in order to get that shot. When we're "on set," we don't have a rack to nicely hang our outfits in order and our dressing room is my Ford Edge (thank goodness I drive an SUV for changing space). I used to think the term "photoshoot" was all fancy, and that bloggers got their hair done, their makeup done, and had assistants and lighting crew...you know, how you see it in the movies.

Welp, I surely was wrong. Maybe some of them out there do but not me! And I love it just the way it is. It's me, Ava, Briana (our amazing photographer) and her assistant, Oliver, otherwise known as her son. Yep, she manages to get all of those amazing shots of us while carrying little Oliver in a front pack. Now that's pure talent, if you ask me.

I'm new to this whole vlogging thing so I really need to start making my vlog intro's a bit shorter (this one's starting to turn into a blog at this point), so here it is:

A day in the life of a blogger -- A behind the scenes look at photoshoot day!

↓  ↓  PRESS PLAY↓  ↓

Video Thumbnail Image by Briana Lindsey Photography

P.S. I shot this all on my iPhone so sorry about the quality. I'll bring my camera with me in the future :)