MOM HACK | At Home Teething Remedy

Ava has two teeth so far and those both came in within days of each other. So for a couple of weeks, she was one very unhappy camper.

We tried every the best teething toys we had - Sophie, her favorite teething necklace, a teething cookie and all of the wood teethers we have and nothing seemed to work. These were all toys she loved before but now, just weren't making the cut.

And then I had an idea which I thought was brilliant and totally worked for her! It may be a thing already but I was pretty proud of myself for thinking of this teething remedy.

So here's a teething hack for you to try because it totally worked for Ava!

She doesn't like pacifiers so we took all of the pacifiers that we thought had gone to waste, rinsed them with water, stuck them in the freezer and voila, the perfect cooking teething toy!

And it worked like magic!

MOM HACK |  At Home Teething Remedy

At first, I filled the inside with water to keep it cooler for longer and as soon as I took it out of the freezer the first time, I realized how terrible of an idea that was (ahem, choking hazard as soon as that piece of ice got loose and fell out!)

And we've even frozen them without rinsing them first. The coolness doesn't last long but we just keep a mini stash in there so we can keep trading them out for as long as she needs them.

Now we want to hear your teething remedies. What worked best for your kids?