MOM HACK | How do I get my baby to drink medicine?

I am not a big medicine person. Even if I have a headache an ache or a pain, it takes a whole lot for me to take anything for it. I can count on one hand the number of times I take Advil or Motrin each year and I don't know why, I just don't like the idea of filling my body with pills.

So of course, that means that I haven't been the biggest fan of giving Ava anything either.

When she got her first set of shots, I went for it. She just was miserable and I couldn't stand seeing her like that so I gave her less than have a dose of baby Tylenol, as recommended by her doctor. And she took it like a champ! Of course, it's grape flavored so why wouldn't she love it?

And then came teething...

...and she was more miserable than I had ever seen her. She would hit her cheeks with her fists, trying to relieve the pain, screaming with tears rolling down her face. And I felt so terrible so I decided to give her a full dose, as recommended.

The only problem?

She wouldn't drink the medicine out of the syringe.

MOM HACK | How do I get my baby to drink medicine?

Every time I tried to put it in her mouth, she would quickly turn her head away and swat at it, like there was a pesky fly buzzing in her face. Nope, just your pesky mom trying to make you feel better!

I needed to give it to her and Frank and I together just couldn't get it in her mouth.

And then I thought of an idea. And it worked like a charm!

How to get your baby to drink medicine:

Step 1: Nurse your baby.

Step 2: Slowly slip the syringe into the side of their mouth as they continue nursing and as they continue to suck down milk, the Tylenol will go right down with it.

Genius, huh? I think so!

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