Our Kids Summer Bucket List

There are so many days like today where I look back and think man, we didn't step foot outside except when we were walking to and from our car. And it's just so beautiful outside I know I'm totally missing out every single time this happens.

We play with Ava's dollhouse (for like hours on end), we run our errands, we go to swim practice and soccer practice and gymnastics, we play endless tug-o-war games with Baxter (and when I say "we" I mean "Ava") and we just don't soak up enough sun and fresh air.

So I decided to make a kids summer bucket list for us. And I'm going to do every single one of these items whether Ava likes it or not. But I'm thinking she'll like it all.

Kids Summer Bucket List Ideas
Kids Summer Bucket List Ideas

- Beach trips at least once a week (that one's easy!)
- Bake a pie (I know that's inside but I've never done it before)
- Water balloon fight (which Ava loves to do)
- Park trips at least once a week
- Watch a movie in the backyard
- Make delicious home-made lemonade with Ava (and enjoy it outdoors)
- Make snow cones
- Hike at least once a month (with Baxter)
- Run through the sprinklers
- Watch a sunset from a mountain
- Paint rocks
- Picnic in the Park
- Make root beer floats
- Make popsicles
- Dinner at the beach (on the sand)
- Fly a kite
- Make s'mores in the fire pit
- Plant flowers (we've only planted fruits and veggies so far)
- Family game night in the backyard
- Finger painting (outside of course)
- Make ice cream sundaes
- Visit the farm
- Make unicorn glitter slime

Can you tell we love sweets?

If you have any great ideas you think we should add to our list, comment below, shoot me an email or send me a DM on instagram!