As you all know, Ava now has her bottom two teeth and they are both almost all of the way in. I thought I was in the clear until this past weekend when Ava bit me for the first time...while nursing.

That stage that every new mom dreads finally arrived. And it hurt like crazy.

When you feel a baby's teeth with your finger, they are far sharper than expected. Or at least sharper than we expected. I mentioned it to one of my friends the other day having no clue that baby teeth were like shark teeth and she reminded me, "Well, they had to break through the gums somehow!"

Duh, Jenn! How else would they make it through?

So you can only imagine, if those sharp shark teeth made it through her gums, how do you think I feel every time she bites me while nursing? Let's just say it isn't fun and it has happened way more than it should.

how do I get her to stop biting me while nursing

Through my research even before this happened (because what mom doesn't Google solutions for hours on end even before any problem arises?), I learned that the first time a baby bites you while nursing, you're supposed to yell quickly and sternly, "NO!" Yes, it will scare them and yes, you will feel terrible. But it'll teach them immediately and they'll never do it again....or so I was told.

So here's how that went for me:

Ava bites me. I yell "ouch!" Ava gets the biggest most darling smile on her face.


My second attempt:

Ava bites me while nursing. I yell, "No!" Ava starts laughing hysterically.

Another fail.

We've gone through this sequence at least five times now with no luck. She just seems to laugh harder every time. So you think this is funny, missy? At least it makes me smile.

So my question for all of you is how do I get her to stop biting me while nursing? Any help would be fabulous :) ...like really fabulous.