Happi Foodi Oatmeal | A Delicious + Nutricious Breakfast for Moms

Sponsored with love by Happi Foodi

What do you typically eat for breakfast on any given day? I’m a cereal kinda girl — Corn Chex, Honey Nut Cheerios or Original Life are my go-to’s but I’ll be honest, I get a bit bored with the same cereals every single day. But they’re quick and they’re easy and they’re nutritional. They’re everything a mom wants in a meal. 

I want to eat healthy in the mornings (that’s why I stray from the sugary cereals typically and my husband thinks I’m crazy for all of the “plain” cereals I stock up on) but sometimes, I just crave a little extra flavor.

 Cue the Happi Foodi Oatmeal

I’ve talked about the Happi Foodi brand before when I wrote about “the one thing you’re probably missing from your Postpartum Must-Have list” and let me tell you, they’re the gift that just keeps on giving.

Happi Foodi Oatmeal is seriously a treat to my taste buds and my body. It’s made with steel cut oats, greek yogurt (which makes it so creamy!), 6 grams of protein and better yet, it’s freezable and microwavable and in just three minutes it’s ready to enjoy! My favorite flavor is the Maple Brown Sugar but they’ve got a delicious Wild Blueberry flavor too! And no joke, takes like I’m eating dessert for breakfast which is a real win in my book (hello pregnancy cravings?). Ava loves it, my husband even eats it as a dessert and seriously, it’s just the break I need from the plain cereals I eat almost every morning but still gives me that nutritional value I want for myself, for Ava, and for that 3 1/2 pound baby boy growing inside of me!

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