Franky | SIX Months Old

I know, I know. Second baby syndrome at it’s finest! Franky is now 7 months and a couple days old but hey, better late than never, right? I think that may be my new life motto! So here it is — everything Franky accomplished (and all of his little quirks) during that fifth month…up until his 6 month birthday!

  • He cut is first tooth (bottom left) and second tooth (bottom right) …and top two front teeth :)

  • He can get around anywhere he wants to go but still does the “inchworm” instead of proper crawling

  • He woke up once a night but don’t worry, we’re sleep training him back to ZERO

  • Solids - he loves solid foods (especially cheese) and really anything that isn’t squishy. He will eat pouches but prefers solid food! This kid legit eats more than Ava.

  • Literally everything foes into his mouth. Everything. So I keep the house real clean these days.

  • Still the happiest baby ever!

  • We’ve got some good solid weight gain going on over here (finally!)

  • He barely spits up anymore

  • He loves to bite me while nursing (ouch!)

  • He gets real distracted while nursing too so we take a good 34 breaks before we get through a feed.

We love this kid more and more every single day!