Franky | FOUR Months Old

Back when I was pregnant with Franky, we were chatting about moving out after our lease or staying put. Of course we said, “No way we’re moving with a toddler and a three month old” and of course we proved ourselves wrong and more! Not only did we move out with a toddler and a three month old, but we were homeless for 15 days, lived out of suitcases and boxes at my mother in law’s house for those two weeks and then moved back into a new house just this week. So that, right there, is why I’m a couple days late with Franky’s four month update. But here it is and of course, he’s cute as ever!

Franky 4 Month Milestone Update - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

Last month we had a little “issue” with Franky only gaining a couple of ounces from two to three months so I went off of milk, we allergy tested him and everything came back fine — no allergies whatsoever. This month he gained beautifully (a little over a pound) so we’re all set to resume our normal milk-drinking activities — thank goodness!

Here’s what Franky’s been up to this month:

  • Since I’ve got to keep track of weigh, he’s at 13lbs 14oz (woohoo!)

  • This kid absolutely lights up when he sees his dad. Like, he smiles no matter who he meets but with his daddy it’s a whole different story. I’m talkin’ biggest smile every, coos and talks non stop, giggles with excitement and gahh it’s got to be the cutest thing you ever did see.

  • He loves to babble and it keeps growing day after day.

  • Our Franky boy is not a napper. Like at all. He won’t nap unless you’re holding him and even then, he gets a couple maybe 20 minute power naps in throughout the day but that’s all. But at night time, he sleeps like a charm so I guess it balances itself out pretty beautifully, if you ask me!

  • He’s started to inchworn to get where he wants to go — He can get his little knees underneath his belly and then he launches his top half forward to move around. Now we’ve got to work on a bit of arm strength to really get crawling!

  • The thumb sucking has slowly died down but occasionally he likes to such his thumb while nursing. Yes, while nursing haha

  • He’s still drooling like crazy, even more than before, and his little chunky fingers are always in his mouth so I’m thinking we’re going to be getting teeth soon!

  • He started reaching for things — blankets, toys, really anything he sees to grab and chew on!

  • And he rolled from back to front (and totally has the hang of it now) as of this past Sunday which technically was in his fourth month but hey, I'm excited so I’ll add that to his next monthly update next month too ;)

And that’s a wrap on this past month with Franky!

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That’s where Franky’s adorable monthly milestone onesies are from!

Franky 4 Month Milestone Update - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
Franky 4 Month Milestone Update - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
Franky 4 Month Milestone Update - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

And Ava wanted to take a photo of “her baby” too so of course, I had to show you that one too ;)

Franky 4 Month Milestone Update - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger