When Aimee sent me a message on Instagram about trying out essential oils, I was a little skeptical. It really isn't anything I've ever tried before (or had any interest in trying) but I thought, "Why not!"

Well stepping back a couple of days, I responded asking what it was all about. Of course I am not going to try something that I don't even know the purpose of, right? So she quickly responded with an email telling me a little bit about the benefits and how they could be used in my new family life.

With a newborn baby in house, I wanted to be sure that this was 100% safe for her and after some research and hearing that the products are natural and unaltered, my last objection was overcome and I decided to give it a try.

Aimee send me a couple Doterra oils to try out:


"Lavender is wonderful for calming anxious, stressed and tired babies. It can help them feel calm and safe so that they can rest. You can put a drop of oil on YOUR neck and then cradle your baby on your shoulder where they can smell the oil. You can also rub a drop of oil on the bottom of their feet, where skin is the most porous and oils can be absorbed into the blood stream. Do this shortly before nap time."



"Melaleuca is antiseptic and antibacterial. It is great for supporting baby immune systems and protecting their delicate skin. Add a drop to lotion to help improve dry skin, flaky scalp and protect cuts from infection."

So I began waiting for the day when Ava became fussy, as she is typically great at falling asleep for naps and at bed time. Believe me, I waited and waited and waited, wanting to try them out on her. And then instead of waiting, I tried it on myself.

First up, lavender. After a busy day with lists of things still to do and dinner to cook, I put a drop on my neck and absolutely fell in love with it. Okay, of course it isn't magic but there is just something about that lavender smell that has such a calming effect on me!


Need some help with milk production?

Try out fennel, clary sage and geraniun!


Try It Out

If you have any interest in learning more about essential oils to help support your family's wellness, want to test out a starter kit or have any questions about how this could help your fussy baby and a stress out, overwhelmed momma, then head on over to Aimee's Instagram page and shoot her a quick message @beautifully_natural_oils.

I figure, it won't hurt so you might as well give it a try!

Thank you Aimee for letting me test out a couple of the Doterra products and as soon as the day comes when I have a chance to try it out on Ava being fussy, I'm on it!

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