It's Raining, It's Pouring (+ 45 cute rain boots for kids)

Guess what we woke up to this morning...


And I am so excited, you don't even know. Okay, well we woke up to a very light drizzle, so light that you couldn't even tell it was raining but there were a couple of puddles on the ground so let me tell you, I was like a kid on Christmas morning (or an adult on Christmas morning because I still get that excited). But as the day has gone on, it's been raining more and our lights even flickered a bit (so exciting!) so of course, I had to take Ava out to learn how to jump in puddles.

Can you tell she loved it??

Well, she loved it up until a rain drop landed on her leg, that is. Click here to see the hilarious video. Spoiler Alert: She wasn't thrilled. 

Ava only owns one pair of rain boots - her black Hunter boots that match mine - so since the rainy season is apparently upon us, I did a little browsing around for cute rain boots for kids today. Don't worry, I saved all of the links for you so if you're looking for some adorable toddler rain boots, you've come to the right place -- monogrammed kids rain boots, frog rain boots, colorful baby rain boots, glitter rain boots, light up rain boots, floral rain boots, kids Disney rain boots and just so many adorable styles. I don't know how I am possibly going to choose.

But anyways, if you see any boots you love, just click on the image and it will take you right to the link to where you can buy them!