I'm Pregnant! [Week 3 - Week 9]

Just in case you missed it yesterday, I'm pregnant with Baby Hallak #2. SURPRISE! Well, human baby #2 -- he/she is technically going to be number three because of Baxter ;)

Cute Pregnancy Announcement for Second Baby - Cute Pregnancy Announcements with Dogs

I found out I was pregnant at just three weeks (I know, super early!) so I've been waiting and waiting and waiting (and dropping little hints along the way that some of you caught onto) and my husband finally let me make the announcement last night! I wanted to share every single moment with all of you over the past six weeks so I kept a little video diary and put it all together for you.

So here's my pregnancy from week three (the day i found out) through our first appointment when we got to see that little one's precious heartbeat:

I've already been getting tons of DM's and emails and texts and I am beyond excited for this journey. So thank you all for all of the love -- you're all the best! I've been getting a lot of questions already so here are the answers to the most common ones for ya:

How far along are you?
I am 9 weeks and 2 days :)

When is your due date?
Match 11, 2019....just three days before Ava's birthday so we're hoping for a second Pi Day baby!

Why did you announce so early? Weren't you scared of doing that?
First of all, I have known for so long that I just didn't want to hold it all in any longer! Second, I've got some super fun baby brand giveaways coming up (yep, some brands I'm working knew before y'all did) and one of my favorites is happening in August so of course, that would've spoiled the surprise if I didn't announce first. And most importantly, what's so bad about announcing this early? I know, I know. The dreaded "M" word. believe me, I Google those stats far more than I should be Googling them but if something were to happen to our baby, I would want an outlet for grief. I would want all of you to be there for me (as I know you all would be so supportive) and the community I have around me is so important to me that I would be okay with sharing that with all of you. I know it's something that is usually kept a secret but you know what, I would be totally open with sharing my story, if something were to happen as I appreciate all of the love and support you all give me through the ups and the downs. So announcing this early was something I was okay with and excited about. And of course, I know that things can happen but I'm more than hopeful and positive at this point :)

How are you feeling?
Terrible. Just terrible. I was sick ONCE with Ava. Literally once. I've not yet thrown up but I currently am experiencing all day nausea, usually from the time I wake up to the time I go to sleep. Last week it eased up a bit in the mornings but late afternoon and evenings are the worst for me (funny that they call it morning sickness) but today was probably the worst day yet. I cannot wait for this nausea to be over but I know that I have it easier than so many other moms I know (ahem... @rachaelburgessmusic ) so I'm just pulling through it as much as I can, keeping my head up and keeping my eyes on that perfect little prize that will make it all SO worth it!

So that's all for now -- If you have any other questions, feel free to shoot me a DM or an email!

I cannot wait to share this journey with you, share the best baby products out there, giveaways, the cutest baby clothes I can find, trendy maternity fashion and of course, you'll still get to see lots of that adorable Ava face still too :)