20 Cute Kids Sunglasses

Cute Kids Sunglasses - Toddler Sunglasses - Baby Sunglasses

There's one thing Ava will not leave the house without. Wanna take a wild guess what it is?


No joke.

This girl is a sunglasses-aholic, if that's the thing. Rain or shine, day time or night time, she will not walk outside that door without a pair on her face. And at age 2, she's got quite the hefty cute kids sunglasses collection but if you as me, baby sunglasses may be one of the cutest things ever, so I keep on buying them. Luckily most toddlers sunglasses are only $5 or so, so it's not breaking my bank...yet.

And you know what the top question we get over on Instagram is?

You guessed it...

"Where are Ava's sunlgasses from?"

So in honor of the 90 degree whether we've got going on here in Southern California, I'm doing a round up of super cute kids sunglasses.

Happy freakin' sun-filled weekend, everyone :)

If you see any kids sunglasses you love,
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