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That's right, I am DONE with all of my Christmas shopping and it's not even December. And boy does it feel fabulous! You're probably wondering how the heck I did that and let's just say, it was easier than it sounds.

No, I definitely didn't head over to the mall with Ava in tow because let's be real, Christmas shopping with a baby just wasn't something I wanted to try out this year...and most likely I never will!

So how did I do it?

I used my new favorite shopping app called Luv.It to get all of my Christmas shopping done. I introduced you all to Luv.It a couple of weeks ago and it has gotten more and more amazing every week! They continue to add new products and new designers to their inventory and the best part? The items get here SO FAST!

I sat there on my couch with a sleeping baby on my lap and did all of my Christmas shopping in a matter of one single nap.

If that doesn't excite all of you moms out there then I am not sure what will!

Want to join in the fun and get all of your shopping done TODAY during nap time? Just click on the link below! And I've included some sneak peeks at what I ordered....sneak peeks since my family members will be reading this and I don't want to spoil their surprises!

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Username: @jennhallak.

Shop until you drop (well, you'll already be dropped since you will be sitting on your nice, comfy couch) and earn cash back on every purchase!

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