"Be Like Mommy" | Kids Who Love to Copycat Mom

"As children, for many of us, we looked up to our mothers. We admired the things our mother did and the way she did them. Our moms may not have always realized it but they fascinated, taught, and inspired us as children and still do even today. The way mom put on her lipstick. How she always knew the exact way we liked our scrambled eggs. How pretty she looks to us before she heads out the door to work. The way she lulled our baby sibling to sleep. The way she kisses our cheeks. The work she does at her job. How she loved and cared for us. It seems, no matter what it is our mothers do, we want to be like mom. Now grown with kids of our own, we too see our children coping mommy and wanting to be like mom. We try our very best to set a good example for them, teach them, inspire them, and love them with all our hearts. Knowing this, it fills us with so much pride and joy when our little loves notice what we do, play pretend, and like to try to be like mommy! That imitation we’ve seen with our own children, lead us to this fun idea to do a photography series of mothers and their children wanting to be like mommy. A mother and lawyer, Erica, who inspires her young sons to be smart and hardworking like mom. Cameron, a mom and professional instrumentalist that plays trumpet, sparks her daughter's musical passion and desires to enkindle that love in her second child when she is born. A unique hair stylist and mother, Hailey, that encourages and fuels her daughter’s creative side. A news reporter and mother, Rebecca, that teaches her son to inspect, discover, and explore the world around him. A mother and athlete, Eboni, that shows her daughter’s beauty in strength and the importance of loving and caring for your health. A pastry chef and mother, Victoria, that shares with her child the pride in using your talents to bring your dreams to life and that happiness you feel sharing what you’ve created and it giving joy to others. Our Photographer of Valerie & Co. Photographers and also a mother, Valerie, who loves showing her toddler Lydia the art and memories one can make through capturing moments with images. These are just a small sample of the MANY traits, lessons, and qualities these mothers impart to their children! Ultimately, we long for our children to grow up to be loving, to feel they are loved, to feel they are successful, and to feel they are happy. For us mothers, it’s heartwarming and an encouragement when we see our little ones imitate mom, and demonstrate the good things we try model and show them." -- Valerie & Co. Photographers

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