BABY ROMPERS | 4 Reasons why baby rompers are the best!

The first time I laid eyes on the most adorable baby romper from Tenth & Pine, I fell in love immediately. And then she told me that there were no snaps and I had an "ughhh" moment. I wanted the romper so bad but knew that it would be such a hassle changing her diaper every time and because of that, Ava probably would never wear it.

And then it arrived and my mind was changed forever.

I used to think kids rompers were such a hassle but my mind has been changed, big time. Rompers are the easiest outfit you will ever put on your kids and here is why:


1. You have no decisions to make.

It's one item and one item only so you don't have to choose pants and a top. In my eyes, that's a major plus because I am that girl that just stands in front of the closet and stares, never being able to decide on an outfit.


2. It's easier than snaps.

Yep, it takes like 10 times less time than snaps take and once you try it out, you'll understand. Ad you'll fall in love.


3. They're just as easy as pants.

I know, I know. You think it will be such a hassle changing your baby in and out of a romper but in reality, it takes (maybe) a second longer than pants or shorts take. And that extra second is well worth the cuteness!

4. Your baby will never grow out of it!

Okay, well "never" was a bit of an exaggeration but one thing I love about rompers is that they can fit loose and they can fit tight and they look adorable either way! Ava can fit in rompers from size 6 months through size 18 months! So that means, it's one item that it going to last her a long long time...unlike everything else she owns. So it's well worth the money!

So if you aren't a romper gal, you're going to fall in love the second you try them out. And guess what?? We've got two kids romper designs for sale at the moment - a holiday romper and a milkaholic romper.