Baby Proofing Checklist

Franky has been on the go for months now and last month, he started pulling to stand. By this month, he’s got standing down and soon enough he’ll be walking and then running and of course, that means getting into all sorts of fun (and trouble). So while most of our home was baby proofed as soon as we moved in, this week we really went through everything to get it fully baby proofed for him.

So many of you asked for baby proofing checklist, a list of things that really need to be baby proofed for the safety of your babies and even kids so I compiled it all for ya and here it is:

Baby Proofing Checklist - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger
  • Water Heater: This is something I never even thought of until Ava started standing and Ava’s pediatrician went through a checklist with us of some of the things parents tend to forget to baby proof — and it’s not just for babies, its for toddlers and older kids too! Whether it’s a bath tub they can reach or even an older child who may turn on the shower, our pediatrician urged us to set the water heater for a maximum of 120°F so that if the water gets turned on without us or even turned accidentally while bath time is going on, our kids won’t get hurt!

  • Toilets: This is another one I didn’t even think of in regards to safety, but more just having a kid play in the toilet. But our pediatrician mentioned that if a kid reached into the toilet and tips in, they won’t be able to get out, causing drowning. Although I’ve never heard of a story like this, I am definitely a proponent of doing everything in my power to keep my kids safe because anything can happen.

  • TV: We’ve always had our TV’s mounted in every single home we’ve lived in but in this home, we have our first TV stand. And you know what that means? It means that that TV has the potential of being pulled over onto one of the kids. So we’ve got it tethered to the wall to prevent that from happening!

  • Shelving + Dressers: We have tall shelves in our family room and of course, dressers in every bedroom. And I’m sure you’ve heard all of the horror stories with dressers — kids pull out the drawers and use them as a ladder, causing the entire dresser to tip onto them. And we all know how heavy those dressers are so baby proof, baby proof, baby proof. It could save your baby’s life!

  • Cleaning Supplies: Wherever you have your cleaning supplies, lock them up. Or heck, put them up high and lock them up!

  • Medicine: This may seem obvious but with all of the things you think about once you become a parent, of course little things may be missed or forgotten. So make sure all medicine is unreachable from any kids and locked up so there are no accidents!

  • Knives (or anything sharp!): Just yesterday we were on Ava’s school field trip and one of the moms mentioned that her 18-month-old had figured out a way to climb up the kitchen drawers and onto the counter where the sharp knives were. Honestly, I’ve never baby proofed the knives in our kitchen because I always thought they were un-reachable up there. But kids will find a way!

  • Night Stands: This is probably one that most people don’t baby proof and we never did with Ava because we didn’t think much of it. But the first day we got Ava’s new night stands, Franky was crawling around and she was putting her Beanie Babies in the drawers. One too many Beanie Babies and over it went, right onto Franky’s back. And it was terrifying! So you’d better bet we have them tethered to the wall now because that could have ended up far worse!

  • Outlets: They’re a pain in the but to pull out when you need to access them but better safe than sorry!

  • Small Toys: Ava has lots of small toys so once Franky started moving, we packed them all into one bucket so she doesn’t play with them unless we’re right there watching and usually, we just don’t play with them at all. The rule of thumb (or so I’ve heard) is to put everything away that can fit inside of a toilet paper roll. Because if your kids are anything like Franky, everything — and I mean everything — will end up in that little mouth and could become a choking hazard.

Baby Proofing Checklist - The Overwhelmed Mommy Blogger

  • Oven/Stove Knobs: Depending on where your knobs are, babies and kids may be able to turn them on very easily (or just turn on the gas without you knowing!)

  • Cabinets: If there’s anything in any cabinets in your home (kitchen, bathrooms, etc) that could be potentiall harmful to your baby — sharp objects, bags that could cause suffocation, cleaning supplies, medicine, anything heavy that could fall or break — lock it up!

  • Low Tables + Fireplace: Side tables, coffee tables, TV stand edges and even that fire place are especially dangerous when kids first start to stand and walk because we all know, falls are a very common occurence at that stage!

  • Dangling Cords: Blinds cords are a huge hazard, whether they’re looped at the bottom or not! So just make sure they’re out of reach from all babies, toddlers and kids who may want to play with them!

  • Stairs: This one is self explanatory but just remember to put those gates up so no falls happen!

  • Crib: This is the place we feel our kids are safe but once they can stand, they can also tip right over the edge. Franky is already standing and just stood for the first time in his crib last night so we have that crib set to the lowest level possible to ensure he can’t climb or tip out over the railing!

  • Pools: If you have a pool, please please please make sure there’s a gate or net AND make sure that back door stays locked at all times so there is no possible way for them to access it on purpose or on accident when you’re not present!

  • Washing Machines: I’ve seen stories out there with kids climbing into front load washers and parents finding them locked in there. So it’s a great idea to put baby locks on these as well just to make sure you’re being extra safe!

A couple days back when I asked all of you to send me all of your baby-proofing lists, one of you mentioned something brilliant — to get down on all fours and view your home at the level your babies and kids would. And with that, you’ll be able to better baby-proof your home to prevent any accidents from occurring!

If there’s anything I missed, shoot me an email or comment below so I can add it to the the list!