An At-Home Mastitis Cure

At Home Mastitis Cure

First of all, I am not a doctor. And second, I know that when you've got mastitis, you need to treat it right away. Like immediately. Call your doctor and make an appointment because without treatment, it can be life-threatening. So what I am talking about today should only be attempted with your doctor's permission. Get it? Got it? Good.

I've had what my doctor calls "the start of mastitis" three times now. And if you haven't, believe me it is no joke. I didn't have any fever and it went away within a few days without any treatment but man was it painful. Like really really really painful.

I just wish I had known this at home cure for mastitis earlier because I would have killed to get rid of that pain earlier than I did.

You know that gorgeous mama I blogged about last week with the stunning Southern California beach maternity session? That gorgeous mama, Holly, gave me this "recipe," courtesy of her midwife. She had the unfortunate opportunity to try it out and it said it worked like a charm! So I wanted to pass it along to all of you in case you, too, have the unfortunate opportunity to try it out too.

Lauren Slak, CPM | Wholistic Women's Healthcare

At Home Cure for Mastitis

- Get in bed and REST
- Drink as much water as humanly possible and add a drop of grapefruit seed oil
- Eat raw garlic
- Take 5,000-7,000mg of Vitamin C (too much can give you diarrhea so do what you can!)
- Heat and massage the breast
- Nurse on the breast as much as you can
- Do as much skin-to-skin with your baby as possible

And that's all, folks!

Give it a try and let me know if it works! Hopefully I will never have a chance to try it out and I pray that you won't either. But it's here just in case!

At Home Mastitis Cure