9 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Toddlers (that they'll actually use!)

Growing up, I always loved stocking. You wake up, open all of your gifts from Santa and from your parents and siblings and then when all of the fun has died down boom — You remember you still have to open all of your stocking gifts! It was the best surprise ever to keep the fun going and while stockings are typically filled with knick knacks and candy and random little toys, we’re doing it differently this year. We’re filling Ava’s stocking (I mean, Santa is filling Ava’s stocking) with stocking stuffers that she will actually use! She’s going to be just as excited to open them up so why not?

So here it is, my last holiday gift guide of this season —

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Todders and Kids that they’ll actually use!

1. toothpaste and/or a fun new toothbrush

2. bath bombs

3. cute undies (maybe a character or color they love?)

4. crayons (or name crayons to make it fun!)

5. socks (characters and colors are more fun for them but throw in some basics too because, why not?)

6. Band-Aids (anyone else have kids that are band-aid obsessed?)

7. Play Doh

8. cake in a mug (if you haven’t heard of this, look it up NOW)

9. chapstick or lip gloss (another item that’s useful that Ava’s absolutely obsessed with!)

Any other ideas I should add to this list?